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3-D Thread Drawing 

Skill level:  Confident beginner - 6 Hour Workshop 

This workshop targets improving your free-motion skills in the spirit of adventure!

This intensive study in free-motion embellishing will start with a short review of the basics, just to refresh your memory, and then we will branch out in several different directions, taking embellishments to the third dimension.   We will create embellishments and designs that really ‘stand out’!  I’ll bring samples of a few items, and I’ll demonstrate everything for you, then we’ll spend the rest of the day just playing!   Interaction between students is very much encouraged as we try out new ideas in class. 

Don’t worry if your free-motion skills aren’t what you wish they were – Trust me, this class will really help you improve all of your free-motion skills, from embellishing to quilting.  If you have a BASIC understanding of free-motion stitching (i.e. quilting, embellishing, free-motion embroidery or just darning your jeans) you are ready for this class! 

Motto for the day:  “Don’t worry ‘bout nuthin’!”