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Quaking Aspen Workshop

Skill Level: Confident Beginner - 7 Hour Workshop

This workshop teaches you to work in an environment free of strict rules and templates. 
This project utilizes very simple techniques, such as fusing and normal stitching; techniques even beginner quilters are familiar with.  Since you're already comfortable with the techniques, you can focus on learning to work  intuitively, with very simple shapes, without feeling intimidated. 
The end result will be a unique one of a kind piece of art that you've created yourself!  A very satisfying experience!
The trees in this quilt are created with a very simple trapunto method that I've used in many of my quilts, to create just a bit of a three-dimensional look very simply.

The leaves and ferns are completely three-dimensional, created with a simple and very successful technique that I've used in many of my quilts. 
 This quilt makes a beautiful wall quilt; it would also be a lovely table runner, a throw for the back of your couch, or spread at the foot of your bed.

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