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Art After Dark Workshop


Skill level:  Confident beginner - 7 Hour Workshop

Get in touch with your creative side, in a safe environment!  
This workshop is designed around the techniques used in the stunning Saguaro cactus depicted as "Art After Dark".   
I'll teach you how to work without strict rules and templates to create a truly unique one of a kind piece of art. 
The techniques in this workshop are quite simple; just some fusing and decorative stitching -- all with an artistic twist -- much like assembling a jig saw puzzle.  The magic is in knowing HOW to assemble it for maximum  appeal.  Each quilt is totally unique, so no two will look alike.   Since the techniques will be familiar to you, you can focus on learning to work instinctively, using very simple free form cutting methods, and never feel like you're 'in over your head'.

This workshop will teach you how to see and work with negative space - a very important aspect of art that most people are totally unaware of, on a conscious level.  Once you learn to see your work in a new way -- aware of the negative space and the impact it has on your design -- you'll immediately  see an improvement in your work. 


This is a great jumping off place for those who wish to try creating in a less structured environment than traditional piecing.  Nothing scary here, but truly dramatic results!  It doesn't get any easier than this.




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