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Prayin' For Rain
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24" x 20"

As a child I lived in western Kansas, and my memory of it is sunflowers....  Everywhere.
This design was inspired on one of our pilgrimages across the Midwest to visit my family.  I was struck by the similarities between the sunflowers and the windmills, which are also everywhere. 
I saw a field full of sunflowers - the kind we get our sunflower seed from, with their huge heads 'bowed' as if in prayer.  In the background was this broken windmill, with its head also bowed.  I commented to Jerry, my hubby, 'Look, honey, it looks like they're praying for rain." 
Without hesitating, he replied, "They better be praying, because they ain't gettin' any water out of THAT well." 
Nothing else to say - this design was completed less than two weeks later.
If you look closely at the large view of this design, you might be able to see how 3-Dimensional the design is.  The leaves are completely reversible and attached to the quilt by stitching down the center of each leaf, so they are also extremely dimensional.  The sunflowers are easy to create, as they are made from a strip of fabric – you never have to handle all the little ‘petals’. 
The sky in this quilt is pieced - the block style is called "Kansas Troubles" - a windmill shaped block that I found very appropriate for this design.  The piecing instructions are a very simple speed piecing method, so you'll be done with it very quickly.  However, you can just use a great batik or hand dyed fabric to create a sky from a single piece if you prefer to so do. This pattern is packed with good diagrams and of course, full size templates for simple completion of this realistic looking tribute to summer in the Midwest.

Complete Kit:  $79.00
Pattern Only:  $12.00

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