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Way Out West Winter Wonderland
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21" x 25"

This quilt was a tribute to a dear departed friend, who lived down the road from me.  She was the first 'quilting friend' I made when I moved to the desert, and at her invitation I joined her guild, of which I'm still a member.  She had a wonderful Saguaro cactus in front of her property, which, at Christmas time, would be covered with thousands of tiny twinkle lights.  (Her family loved her very much, to decorate a very large prickly cactus!  Count your blessings next time you have to decorate a tree - at least it isn't covered with sharp needles!)  This cactus was a sight to behold - you could see it from miles away.....

This simple design is quick and easy to make for the holidays or any time.  Simple bonding techniques create the wall and luminaries in no time.  I’ve taken the guesswork out of the 3-D looking wall and luminaries with carefully designed full size templates and instructions for laying them out. 
The cactus are understated ‘Christmas’ – a simple serene embellishment of tiny crystal ‘lights’ adorn the cactus on this piece.  These crystals are just fabulous – they come with special ‘glue’ already on the crystals, so you just place them where you want them and press with a hot iron or 'jewel' tool to adhere in place.  These crystals reflect light beautifully.  The 'sparkle' block in the corners of the border is paper pieced, to give you nice sharp points with minimal effort!  Each pattern includes one package of 80 iron-on crystals, (enough to make this quilt one time). 

Complete Kit:  $72.00
Pattern Only:  $15.00

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Price $72.00