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Sol Mates
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20" x 20"

One of my favorite things about the desert is the lizards - I just love the little creatures!  Many of them have such beautiful markings and sheen, which I prefer to think of as 'embellishments'.  So I created this quilt with some very unique embellishments, to mimic the 'flash' you see when one of these guys dash by.

This one is very simple!  Nothing but fusing! 

The beads that embellish the lizards are FUSED on - no sewing!  The beads lend a beautiful texture to the lizards, and when the light hits these lizards just right, those beads 'flash'!   You'll love this fast and easy project!   

The kit includes this 'ombre' (color gradation) fabric that you see in the background of this picture, as well as all other materials that make up the kit, including the beads. 

Complete Kit:  $60.00
Pattern Only:  $12.00

Item #302

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Price $60.00