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In my travels, I frequently encounter vast fields of cotton basking in the sun.  It always makes me smile, knowing those tiny little cotton bolls filled with millions of tiny little cotton fibers may some day end up in my hands.... I long to know what wondrous form they will take.  Of course, it could be a simple cotton ball, a pair of jeans, a dish towel. Or, it could be the smooth cotton thread that travels intricately through the tension and guides of my sewing machine.

Or, since this is my fantasy, I always envision it as a gorgeous batik fabric, that finds its way from this soil into my local quilt shop, and from there into my loving hands, where I'll have the privilege of listening to it whisper its longings to me.... to me.  It cleaves itself to my rotary cutter, yields to my iron, and and undergoes yet another metamorphosis.  And we are both transformed in the process. 

So, grow, little cottons, grow..... I'll see you again soon....

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Welcome to LadyHawk designs Official Website.....

I'm Julie Hocker, fiber artist, quilt designer, teacher, and owner of LadyHawk designs.

On the next few pages I'll share some of my 'dreams' with you.  I hope you find inspiration here.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit!

Julie Hocker

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."     . . . . .  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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